ExcelSign E 12 Patient Monitors

ExcelSign E 12

Modular platform well suited for high acuity and operating room environment. ExcelSign E12: 12" High Resolution Touchscreen Display. Standard Module: Ensures increased clinical confidence in measuring the vital parameters - ECG, RESP, SpO2, NiBP, 2-IBP, TEMP. Transport Monitor (Optional): Equipped with Display, independent operating system with in-built battery. ExcelSign E12 offers advanced parameter modules such as IBP, CO2, Gas Monitoring, cardiac output, BIS, NMT, ICG, Respiratory Mechanics.

Product Features

  • Standard configuration - ECG, RESP, SpO2 (MASIMO / Nellcor / Digital), NiBP, IBP, TEMP. (optional 12-lead ECG)
  • Optional Modules -Transport Monitor, IBP, ETCO2, AGM, BIS, CO, RM, NMT, ICG.
  • Enhanced Connectivity - USB patient data output, supports external printer, HL7, FTP server upload, VGA for external display, optional Medius+ central nursing station.
  • Efficient memory storage with Calculation Interface.
  • High performance Li-ion battery.
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