BPL Video Laryngoscope

BPL Video Laryngoscope

The BPL Video Laryngoscope a new age Compact, Lightweight & Portable laryngoscope for a fast and effective intubation

Product Features

  • CMOS CAMERA WITH LED - 2MP CMOS camera, High Definition Anti Fog lens and integrated LED light source for high performance visualisation
  • DISPOSABLE BLADES - Affordable, sterile, vacuum packed disposable blades connects securely to the video laryngoscope handle with a lock.
  • 4" INCH LCD DISPLAY- High resolution 4’ anti-Reflective LCD display designed for maximum visibility
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE- Anti microbial, ergonomically designed reusable handle to assist clinicians while use
  • 180° SCREEN ROTATION- 180° Horizontal Screen Rotation along with Vertical movements for enhanced clinical assistance
  • QUICK DATA TRANSFER - Videos and images can be transferred via a micro USB port for easy storage and access
  • BATTERY INDICATOR - Rechargeable Lithium ion battery with a 2Hr capacity with a low battery indicator
  • BUILT IN MEMORY - 4GB built in memory, for continuous video recording and image capturing with an use of a button.
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