SurgiX - E3 Dual Cautery Machines

SurgiX - E3 Dual

High performance innovative product with advanced feedback technology, personalized settings, and safety monitoring.

Product Features

  • 400 watts, Two Monopolar & One Bipolar
  • 4 Monopolar Cut Modes: Soft, Pure, Blend & Endo cut; Max Power - 400 W
  • 3 Coag Modes Coag Modes: Soft, Fulgurate & Spray Coag; Max Power - 150 W
  • 2 Bipolar Modes: Precise & Macro Mode; Max Power - 100 W
  • System can deliver simultaneously two coagulation outputs at a time with independent control
  • Smart Bipolar – Alarms after completion of Bipolar Coagulation
  • Advanced Feedback Technology maintains set power over different range of tissue
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