Shreeyash Adult Ventilator (Shreeyash 900)

Adult Ventilator (Shreeyash 900)

Introduction of Shreeyash 900 Ventilator:

Shreeyash 900 Ventilator is a Volume & Pressure Controlled Ventilator with different modes of Ventilation to treat the patient suffering from various lung diseases. The CPAP Plus PS mode & the HFNC mode puts it in the category of the most updated ventilator.

"Shreeyash 900" is a Volume/Pressure controlled Ventilator that is intended for Adult Pediatric use

A Seven inches Touch screen is provided that indicates various settings, alarms & other related parameters.

It indicates the ongoing mode of ventilation. It also indicates the Pressure v/s Time, Volume v/s Time & Flow v/s Time graph. It simultaneously displays parameters like the Inspiration Time

, Respiratory Rate, Delivered Oxygen Percentage, Set & Delivered Tidal Volume, Delivered & set Pressure, PEEP & various other important parameters that are of utmost importance to the clinician.


  • Auto Mode provided in this Ventilator will be of utmost help to the clinician & attending staff which ensures safe Ventilation of the Patient.
  • The Auto mode can be activated in ACMV &CPAP
  • CPAP plus Pressure support. This specialty mode puts the ventilator in the category of the most updated ventilators & is a boon for patients with 'FLAIL' Chest. The setting of background ventilation in CPAP mode ensures effective ventilation of the patient in case of Apnea.
  • SIMV Plus Pressure support.
  • Non Invasive modes:
    • CPAP (+) Ps
    • HFNC
    • Bi-PAP
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