Shreeyash Double Surface PhotoTherapy

Double Surface PhotoTherapy

Works on incredibly low power. Consumes only approx. 90 watts as compared to 160 watts consumed by fluorescent lamps. Hence save your power & money. Special blue light-emitting diodes (LED) used in the cluster to provide effective wavelengths between 450 to 480 nm range.

A total of 14 LEDs of 3 watts each are placed in the under surface unit. The detachable & lightweight stand unit comprises a cluster of 16 LEDs of 3 watts each. The LED has an incredible long life (more than 20,000 hours) hence absolutely maintenance-free & cost-effective.

The Phototherapy source can be used in conjunction with a radiant warmer. The baby cradle & the under-surface box in mounted on a sleek trolley. The compact size of the Phototherapy systems save your valuable floor space. The special laser beam is provided to indicate the center of the Baby Bed.

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