Shreeyash Jeevak Basic 2

Jeevak Basic II


Efficacy personified due to -

  • Rotating Saline stand: Extremely useful when shifting the IV line from one side to the other. Not possible in any model around the world.
  • Rotatable Temp. Controller (Rotation limited).
  • One Rotatable Monitor tray can be brought forward when required or can be parked behind when not needed.
  • One large stand provided to hold syringe pumps
  • Rotatable Heater Box for ease in X-ray procedures.
  • Two extra rotatable rings on which any accessories can be added by a user whenever required.

Skin Sensor :

Extra Large diameter of sensor helps in

  • A More accurate temperature reading of Neonate.
  • Helps easy fixation.

Sensor to baby contact material plated for improved sensitivity. Soft silicon sensor cable enhances flexibility

Air Sensor :

  • Extra Air Sensor provided to control surrounding temperature of the baby.
  • The user can fix the Air Sensor on the baby mattress. This will ensure that the temperature surrounding the baby never exceed 38°C.
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