Anesthesia-Workstation E-Flo-6c

Anesthesia-Workstation E-Flo-6C

E - Flo 6C is a 3 gas (O2, N2O, and Air) machine which maintains minimum minute ventilation. The workstation’s capabilities include VCV, PCV, Manual and Standby modes. Featuring a comprehensive colour coded alarm system with alarm messages for patient safety, E-Flo 6C has both adult and paediatric modes.

Product Features

  • 8.4″ colour TFT screen with display of Pressure-time, Flow-time and Volume-time waveforms
  • Standard Ventilation Modes of VCV, PCV, Manual & Standby
  • Advanced proportional solenoid valve technology to realize accurate ventilation control
  • Low flow capable mechanical flow meter with hypoxic guard system and back light on/off function with five tubes (two tubes for O2 and N2O and one tube for Air)
  • Integrated Absorber- Can be easily assembled or disassembled without any tools. All gas connections are internal which reduces chances of leakage
  • Dual flow sensing - Inspiratory and expiratory volume measured and displayed on the screen
  • Lithium battery - Up to 360 minutes back up
  • Comprehensive alarm system
  • Central pipeline and cylinders. Yoke system (1XO2, 1XN2O without cylinders)
  • Standard Fresh Gas Outlet for connecting Semi Open circuit
  • Adult and Paediatric modes of operation
  • Electronic PEEP allows clinicians to set accurate PEEP.
  • Optional: Vaporiser, SpO2 Module, CO2( MASIMO – Mainstream), Active AGSS System, Autoclavable function of Absorber, Auxiliary Oxygen flow meter, AIR/O2 Driving for Ventilator with Auto Switching, Mainstream Gas Module for 5 kinds of Anaesthetic Agent, CO2 and N2O (MASIMO)
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