Anesthesia Workstation E - Flo 6

E - Flo 6

E Flo 6 comes with the latest refinements in ergonomics and systems integration with an advanced, easy to use anaesthesia platform designed by experts to streamline your anaesthesia workflow. An anaesthesia workstation designed for adult and paediatric care, it features an 8.4 inch colour TFT screen, advanced proportional solenoid valve technology and dual flow sensing to realise accurate ventilation control. E-Flo 6 also comes with standard ventilation modes like VCV, PCV, Manual and Stand by.

Product Features

  • 8.4″ Colour TFT screen with display of Pressure-time, Flow-time & Volume-time waveforms
  • Standard Ventilation Modes of VCV, PCV, Manual & Standby
  • Advanced proportional solenoid valve technology to realize accurate ventilation control
  • Fully integrated Absorber system with Heater Function and CO2 Bypass
  • Compact and light weight body design for easy and safe manoeuvrability
  • Yoke system (1xO2, 1xN2O; without Cylinders)
  • Mechanical flowmeter with back light on/off function (4 tubes)
  • Dual flow sensing- Inspiratory and expiratory volume measured and displayed on the screen
  • Lithium battery – Up to 360 minutes back up
  • Electronic PEEP allows clinicians to set accurate PEEP.
  • Optional: Vaporiser, SpO2 Module, CO2 (Mainstream), Active AGSS System, Communication Interface, Autoclavable function of Absorber, Auxiliary Oxygen flow meter, Mainstream Gas Module for 5 kinds of Anaesthetic Agent.
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